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​ژورنال ایرانیان کانادا

IC Journal

ABOUT IC Journal

Iranian Canadian Journal (or IC Journal) is an online political and social commentary media platform. We cover stories on political and social activities that affect the lives of Iranians in general and Iranian-Canadians in particular.


The Iranian Canadian Journal is a Canadian non-profit organization and it is led by a team of Iranian-Canadian volunteers.


The Iranian Canadian Journal was established to address the growing need for an independent and progressive platform that publishes articles and content to:

  • Discuss challenges and stereotypes Iranians encounter in Canada and around the world;

  • Combat discrimination against the Iranian community in all its forms (in particular Islamophobia and anti-Iranian sentiment);

  • Promote peace, diplomacy and constructive engagement in the Middle East and raise awareness about policies that escalate tensions and conflict in the region.

Here are the core values that guide our work:

  • We promote respect for human rights as enshrined in the Canadian Charter of Rights and the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

  • We advocate for peace and believe in diplomacy and constructive engagement to address challenges and disagreements.

  • We strongly believe in and promote diversity and multiculturalism.

If you have any questions or any comments, please feel free to contact us via email: info@icjournal.ca

The reports and articles published on the IC Journal reflect the opinion of its editorial board and the opinion of its contributors. If you would like to comment or respond to any article/report published on the IC Journal, please feel free to send your letter to our editors via email info@icjournal.ca. Please try to keep your letters to max 400 words.

Our Team

Mohsen Khaniki, Co-Editor

Mehran Farazmand, Co-Editor

Bijan Ahmadi, Managing Director

Elham Eslami, Reporter and Translator

Opinion Contributors

Parsa Albeheshti

Ehsan Hamidi

Mehdi Samadian

Financial Transparency

The minimal expenses of the IC Journal to prepare reports and content, maintain its website and social media pages are covered by its executive team.

The IC Journal is an independent Canadian non-profit organization. IC Journal does not work with any government body and has not received funding from any government or private organization.

In the spirit of transparency the IC Journal will publish a list of its annual expenses at the end of every year starting from Fiscal Year 2019.

Submission Guidelines

If you'd like to publish your analysis or report on the IC Journal, please follow our submission guidelines.


  • Important note for media outlets and reporters: we welcome other reporters and media outlets referring to our reports and sharing our content. Please make sure you pay attention to the following instructions:

    • If you are referring or quoting from our reports/articles: include a reference and indicate the name of IC Journal (or in Farsi: ژورنال ایرانیان کانادا) as the source of the exact info you obtained from IC Journal. Also include a link to the original report/article on our website or social media channels.

    • For video/graphic: only share the full content using the link to the original source on our website or social media. Any other use without prior consent is prohibited.

  • IC Journal is still in its early stages and a work in progress. After receiving positive feedback during the initial phase we are now working on a new website, looking to expand our team and putting together a long term plan to serve our audience and our community better. Please check back our website regularly as we add more information here about our work, our team and our long term plans.