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Conservative MP Garnett Genuis Asking Minister Goodale About Iranian IRGC

During the Question Period on Sept 24, 2018 Conservative MP Garnett Genuis asks the Minister of Public Safety Ralph Goodale about listing the Iranian IRGC as a terrorist entity in Canada.

The Conservatives have been pressuring the Liberals for a long time to list the IRGC. They included this demand in a motion they proposed against Iran in the House of Commons back in June 2018. The motion was passed in the House of Commons with the support of majority of Liberal MPs. Liberals said they mainly supported the motion because of their concern for Iranian-Canadian Maryam Mombeini who has been banned from leaving Iran and returning to her family in Canada.

Another organization that has been advocating for the IRGC to be listed as a terrorist entity in Canada is the Centre for Israel and Jewish Affairs (CIJA). In a document recently published by CIJA they confirm that listing the IRGC has been an issue they have also long advocated for.

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