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MP Garnett Genuis Speaks About Iran and Israel on Oct 16, 2018

Yesterday MP Garnett Genuis asked the Liberal Government about Canada's support for Israel and once again brought up the question of whether or not the federal government will list the IRGC, a branch of Iran's military, as a terrorist entity under the Canadian criminal code.

Labeling an official state military as a terror group is unprecedented. The Trump adminstration has been debating this step for a while. In a report published by The Gaurdian in October last year about the possibility of US designating the IRGC, Farideh Farhi, an academic who monitors Iranian affairs closely, said: “The IRGC is an integral part of Iran’s military defence and has constitutional standing as such. The designation of military officers of another country as terrorist will be a first and will open the US military to reciprocal action.” [1]

The Conservatives passed a motion in the House of Commons back in June urging the federal government to end any and all diplomatic talks with Iran and listing the IRGC as a terror entity. [2]

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