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Saeed Malekpour’s Lawyer Slams Masih Alinejad Over Recent Tweets

After a picture of reformist leader and former Iranian Prime Minister Mir Hossein Mousavi, who is under house arrest in Iran, went viral on social media, Masih Alinejad, activist recently turned regime change advocate, posted a tweet attacking reformists in Iran, and saying that instead of talking about Mousavi’s arrest, they should protest the imprisonment of the Canadian permanent resident Saeed Malekpour. A day after Alinejad’s tweet, Parto Borhanpour, Malekpour’s attorney, replied as following:

Hello Ms. Alinejad,

My name is Parto Borhanpour, and I’m Saeed Malekpour’s attorney currently working on his case. I am a lawyer from the same political alignment as “some” activists you mentioned [reformists], who has spent everyday walking through the halls of the public prosecutor’s office, following up Saeed’s case.

Contrary to what the likes of you try to imply, it was in fact primarily insistence and hardword of a reformist leader, as well as many activists taking action from within Iran, which paved the way for the repeal of Saeed’s death sentence. In all the years you have spent outside of Iran, many reformists have also been working on his case, without making a fuss about it.

And by the way, we are all among the same people who are saddened by the image of the leaders of the Green Movement under house arrest. But what does their imprisonment have to do with Saeed’s? Please stop mixing things together; And please never abuse Saeed’s or anyone else’s life and freedom as a tool in achieving your own personal agenda.

Maryam Malekpour, Saeed’s sister, confirmed that Ms. Borhanpour is Saeed’s lawyer.

Translated by Parsa Albehehsti.

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